Cajun Country Live
Model Horse Show
Cajun Country Live -- February 23-24, 2019

Held at the American Legion Hall Post 208
5461 Joe Courville Rd. Vinton, Louisiana 70668
Phone: 337-589-6761


SHOW HOLDER -- Jennifer Moore  
Email --   
Cell Phone -- 337-274-9703

JUDGES -- Jennifer Moore, Others TBA

NAMHSA Approved -- Cajun Country Live is a member show of the North American Model Horse Showers Association ( NAMHSA ). The NAMHSA website address is --    All first and second places in open division classes will receive NAN cards and qualify to compete at the 2019 through 2022 North American Nationals shows.

SHOW HALL -- The show is being held at the American Legion Hall Post 208 in Vinton, Louisiana. The address is 5461 Joe Courville Rd. Vinton, Louisiana 70668. The show hall is very nice and very large with plenty of room for everyone. It is located about a 1/4 of a mile off of Interstate - 10. 

If heading east on IH - 10 take the 3rd exit when you come into Louisiana. It is the #8, Hwy 108 exit. As soon as you come to the end of the exit there will be a stop sign, go straight thru the stop sign and onto Joe Courville Rd. The American Legion Hall is about 1/4 of a mile down on the Left. 

If heading West on I - 10 take the # 8, Hwy 108 exit. Go over the overpass, take the first Rd. on the right, the Joe Courville Rd. The American Legion Hall is 1/4 of a mile down on the Left. There is a sign for the American Legion Hall at the beginning of the Joe Courville Rd. 

SHOW HALL RULES -- IMPORTANT PLEASE READ -- The show hall has several rules that must be followed. These rules include but are not limited to...

1.-- No ice chests or coolers of any size.
2.-- No pets or animals.
3.-- No paint or sealants of any kind.
4.-- No glitter, glue, tacks or nails are allowed.
5.-- Nothing is allowed to be attached to the walls or floor.
6.-- No tape other than a blue painters tape is allowed on the tables.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS -- There are 2 hotels located in Vinton as well as a camp ground, Paradise RV Resort and Cabins. The campground is within 1 mile of the show hall. The hotels are about 5 minutes from the show hall.

There are also several hotels located about 15 minutes east of Vinton in the town of Sulphur Louisiana. As well as hotels located about 15 minutes west of Vinton in Orange, Texas.
ENTRY FEES -- Payments may be made via personal check, money order, or PayPal --


PROXY FEES – $3.00 per horse for halter, or $3.00 per horse per performance class. No discount for proxy showers fees.

ENTRY DEADLINE -- All entries must be paid in full by February 18, 2019.

NOTE -- If you pay your fees and then discover you will not be able to attend the show, please contact the show holders as soon as possible. Refunds will not be available until after the show has been held and in order to receive a refund, you must notify the show holder at least 48 hours before the show.

$1 Buy In – We are doing the $1 Buy In for all Halter Divisions. If you would like to show more than 4 models in a halter class you can by placing $1 next to every model that is over the limit. Not available for Performance Divisions.

FOOD / BEVERAGES -- There will be complimentary coffee and doughnuts in the mornings when the show hall opens on both days. There will be bottled water and sodas for sale for $1.00 each both days in the kitchen.

LUNCHES -- We will break for lunch for one hour each day. The exact time of the breaks will be decided at the show, but will be around noon.

I will not be catering the show this year. However there are several fast food restaurants one exit west of the show hall. These include Burger King, Sonic, Arby's and a Subway with a Pizza Inn in it. 

If you would like to bring a packed lunch that is fine. Just please know that coolers or ice chests of any size are not allowed. This is enforced with a $25.00 per day fine that the owner of the cooler/ice chest will have to pay. This is the show halls rules not mine. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes. 

The show hall does have a large kitchen and you are welcome to bring your lunch and put it in their refrigerator to keep it cool.

RAFFLE -- There will be a raffle at the show and winners will be drawn on Sunday. If you are interested in donating an item to the raffle, please contact me personally. Raffle tickets will be $1/each, $5 for 6 tickets, or $10 for 12 tickets.

AWARDS -- Flats to 6th. Rosettes for champs / reserves. Special Awards for overall grand champs / reserves. All models placing either first or second in all open classes will receive NAN cards, and will qualify to compete at NAN 2019-2022.  


1. Good sportsmanship should be exhibited at all times. Please do not disturb or talk to the judges while they are in the process of judging, and please do your best to be considerate of others and courteous at all times, no matter how your horses are placing. We are here for friendly competition. Please help make the show enjoyable for all. The show holder does reserve the right to ask anyone who is not behaving in an appropriate manner to leave and no refund will be given.

2. Halter classes may be split by gender, size, or breed origin if entries warrant. Only one class per horse per division, and foals/weanlings/yearlings may only show in the foal classes. No halters, set-ups, or handlers permitted in halter classes.

3. If you have any questions about what class to put a horse in, please ask the show holder or the judge for the division for clarification.

4. Class Limits: Entries are limited to FOUR (4) horses per person per class in halter and THREE (3) horses per person per class in performance.


1. Performance classes should have explanation cards or pages explaining the type of performance or showing patterns if the horse is performing a pattern (as in trail or dressage). Please limit documentation to no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. The exception to this would be common classes such as huntseat pleasure or western pleasure, which do not need any documentation. No extra setups or props allowed in saddleseat/park, huntseat, or western pleasure classes. Rider/handler dolls are optional in most performance classes; however, showmanship entries will need at least one handler doll.

2. Harness: Appropriate harness for breed required. Vehicle is not required.

3. Costume: Costume must be appropriate for breed. Documentation is encouraged.

4. Hunter/Jumper/Cross Country: must include correct obstacle.

5. Dressage: Must include documentation identification of level and movement.

6. Speed Events: At least one barrel for barrel racing and two poles for pole bending are required. Other props as appropriate for the class are required. Documentation is useful.

7. Stock Classes: Stock required as appropriate for the entry. Documentation is useful.

8. Trail: Arena or natural obstacle required as appropriate for the class. Documentation is useful.

9. Other Performance: Must include card describing the activity shown.


1. All OF Plastic, OF Mini, OF Resin and OF China halter classes will be judged for breed and collectability simultaneously. Breed will be judged on anatomy, breed characteristics, conformation, and condition of the model. Collectability will be judged on the collectability, rarity, and condition of the model. 

2. All Custom, Artist Resin, Custom Mini, Artist Resin Mini and Custom Glaze China halter classes will be judged for breed and workmanship simultaneously. Breed will be judged on anatomy, breed characteristics, conformation, and condition of the model. Workmanship will be judged on the workmanship of both the sculpture and the quality of the paint work as well as condition of the model.

3. COLLECTABILITY HALTER CLASSES, all horses must have a card giving the collectable information including name of mold, number in run, when produced, etc. Horses without collectability information may not be judged for collectability (this is at the judge's discretion and judges are not required to judge a horse in a class without its collectability information). 

4. NON REALISTIC COLORS & FANTASY will be judged only on collectability or workmanship merits and will only be eligible to earn a non breed halter NAN card.

: FANTASY MODELS ( NAMHSA Rules ) -- Fantasy models are limited to equine-based unicorns and pegasi or a combination of the two. A unicorn is defined as an equine with a single horn attached at or near the forehead. A pegasus is defined as an equine with wings attached at or near the shoulders. Models must be equine in nature, with an equine head, neck, body, and legs. Bodies may be skeletal in nature as long as the skeleton portrayed is equine in form. Sculptures can be realistically colored or decorators. The base equine can be any equine--horse, pony, donkey, mule, zebra--of any breed type, with no stated preference given to one type over the other.  

: All Original Finish unrealistic colored models such as decorator colors and woodgrains should be shown only in the Unrealistic Class and will be judged only on collectability.

: All Custom or Artist Resin unrealistic colored models should be shown only in the Unrealistic Class and will be judged only on workmanship.

: All Original Finish Fantasy models should be shown only in the Fantasy class and will only be judged on collectability.

: All Custom and Artist Resin Fantasy models should be shown only in the Fantasy class and will only be judged on workmanship.

: There is an Unrealistic / Fantasy combination class in all foal divisions and all unrealistic or fantasy foals should be shown only in this class and will be judged only on collectability or workmanship. 

5. OF HALTER RULES: Regular Runs also include variations as part of the run (25 mares/25 stallions or 15 glossy/35 matte); accidental variations/factory goofs such as no socks, blanket spots, glossy or semi-glossy; Connoisseur models; Artists proofs of Regular Run & Connoisseur models; signed Regular Runs; and, any designated runs over the test run/VLR limit (over 50). Peter Stone Design Your Own Horse models will go the in VLR Division.

6. VLRs: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ -- VLR limit is 50 total horses in the run. This includes all Breyerfest prize models (even if it is just a glossy version of the regular run); Breyerfest raffle models, some judge's models if they fall under the number limit for the VLR division; DAH models and Stone Limited Factory runs under the VLR limit; Congress runs under the VLR limit.

7. STONE OOAK / TEST / VERY LIMITED RUN -- Extreme Factory Custom models will go in this division. Judge Models – If the judge models are the same model/color as a show regular run that was more than 50 (except for being glazed) then they will go in the REGULAR Stone classes. If they are a different color, etc. and are fewer than 50, then they go in this division.

8. BREYER OOAK / TEST / VERY LIMITED RUN -- All Breyer Fest & Breyer West Prize Models and Raffle Models go in this Division.


1. If you have a question about where a breed goes, email the show holders or ask the judge at the show.

2. Coach / Carriage / Standardbred classes includes Welsh Cobs (Section D), Friesians, Cleveland Bays, Standardbreds as well as any breed originally developed as a light / fancy coach / carriage breed.

3. Please put Drum Horses, Gypsy Vanners / Cobs and Irish Tinker Horses in their assigned class.

4. Other Draft Breeds includes Spotted Draft, Noriker, American Cream Draft, Boulonnais, Black Forest Draft, Breton, Suffolk Punch, Japanese Ban’ei, and any other breed not specified in the other draft classes.

5. UK Ponies includes Welsh Ponies (sections A, B, & C only), Dartmoor, Exmoor, British Shetland, Highland Ponies, New Forest Ponies, Connemara Ponies, etc. 

6. Other Ponies include any breed from another country that does not have an assigned class.

7. Shagya Arabians and Akhal-Tekes will go in Other Light. 

8. Nez Perce will go in Other Stock.

ENTRANT INFORMATION -- We will be useing the EMCAT system!!!! 


Each of your horses has a separate number that begins with YOUR entrant number. First make a list of all the horses that you plan to show. Assign each horse a number, starting with XXX-001. (The XXX is *your* entrant number.) Continue numbering in sequence, XXX-002, XXX-003, XXX-004, etc. all the way up as high as you need to go.

Feel free to email Daralyn Wallace at if you do NOT have an entrant number yet. If you can’t remember your entrant number, you can go to to look up your number.

IMPORTANT -- A list of horses entered in the show is needed for all entrants. All lists should have the following information: Your name, your EMCAT#, horses's number, horse's name, breed, gender & make (OFP, CH, OFR,AR, CM, etc.) Horse lists MUST be turned in before you leave the show hall to go home. You can either hand PRINT your list or print one from your computer. If handwritten, please be neat!

Once you have your list ready for the show, you will either bring it with you to the show, OR email it to me. My email address is
If possible, please email a copy of your list BEFORE the show. You can always update it while you are at the show if you need to do so.

NOTE -- If your list is of all the horses that you own, you might either highlight or bold the names of the ones that you will be showing at the show. This will help us know which horses to look for when doing the results.

NAMING HORSES -- It is customary for people to give each model its own name rather than using the name that the company gave the model. If you really like the name the company used, then add something to it to make it unique, such as your stable name or translate the name into a different language. For example, Black Beauty in Spanish would be Belleza Negra, and in French it would be Beauté Noire.

TAGS -- Once you have the list made, you are ready to make your tags. Tags may be purchased at most office supply stores and at Wal-Mart in the office supply section. These are small WHITE tags approximately one inch in length with a string attached to them. The string is looped around one of the horse’s legs and serves as a means to identify your horse. 

On the front side of the tag, you write your horse’s number, breed, and gender. On the back side of the tag, you can write the horse’s name and your name so that if the tag falls off, it can be identified and returned to you. 

Always have extra blank tags at the show so that you can make tags for any horses you buy at the show or replace any that get lost.

NOTE -- The front side of the tag is always placed up on the table so that the judge can see your number easily when he or she writes down the placing of the horses that will get ribbons.


You are welcome to leave your models and items over night. The show hall does have a security system and the doors will be locked and the security system will be on. However if you leave your models and other items it is at your own risk. Neither the people who run or own the show hall, nor the show hosts are responsible for any damages or loss.

This goes for while the show is being ran as well. If something happens and an item or model is damaged or stolen while at the show, neither the people who run or own the show hall, nor the show hosts are responsible.

If a model or item is damaged by someone other than the owner of that model or item, then the person that did the damage will be held responsible. Basically there is a "you break it you bought it" rule in affect. Anyone who breaks or damages any item or model in any way, will be held responsible for the cost of getting that model or item repaired, or if unrepairable, replaced.

These rules are to be followed by everyone at the show including entrants, judges, and visitors. If you break or damage any item or model you will be held accountable.

Laissez Les Bon 
Temps Rouler!!!